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Our solutions

Our solutions give accurate, end-to-end temperature monitoring across the whole cold chain. Moment by moment, mile by mile.

Your cold chain, under control. Our solution puts the answers you need in the palm of your hand, with insights over the whole cold chain. Without subscription or tie-in fees, you’re free to build the solution that’s right for your business.

Our solution works in 4 simple steps

  • 01. Start it

    Start the Tag with a smartphone via the Tag Tap app or with Tag Read.
  • 02. Stick it

    Stick the Tag to the outside or inside of the box for easy scanning and then send it on its way.
  • 03. Read it

    Read the Tag with a smartphone or Tag Read.
  • 04. Sort it

    Get insights into all your temperature data through our cloud-based Tag Portal, or integrate your data directly into your system with Tag APIs.

Our solution

  • The Tag

    But it’s just a sticker? Exactly. That’s the ever-so-simple beauty of it.

    And the Tag is no ordinary sticker – it’s a dual interface (NFC and UHF RFID) temperature monitoring device in sticker form. It monitors and logs the temperature of your goods across the whole cold chain journey, regardless of carriers or transport methods.

    And it’s all controlled by our free, Tag Tap app or by our UHF RFID reader, Tag Read.
  • Tag Tap

    Now, you need to track your results. Tag Tap is our free smartphone app. It starts and reads the Tag.

    All your data is instantly and securely uploaded to the cloud for you to read analyze on the Tag Portal, or directly integrate into your system via our Tag APIs – whatever works best for you.
  • Tag Read

    Alternatively, we also have another way to activate and scan your sticker.

    Tag Read is a rugged handheld Android-based UHF RFID reader, designed for long-distance reading up to 7 meters.

    A single reader can process hundreds of transactions per working day. It’s perfect for harsh environments like warehouses and logistics hubs.
  • This is the Tag data portal

    Then, it’s time to store your data.

    Tag Portal is our free cloud-based platform, giving you digitized temperature data at your fingertips.

    Every reading you take from Tag Tap, Tag Gate and Tag Read is automatically uploaded to the Tag Portal, so you’ve got everything you need in one place. Simple.
  • Tag API

    To integrate the Tag’s data into your own ERP-system, you need Tag APIs.

    The Standard API connects to TagSensors’ API with a username and password.

    The Push API directly transfers data from our system into yours, making it easier to analyze and integrate with other ERP data.