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Refreshing pricing

Our flexible solution is one of the most price competitive cold chain monitoring offers worldwide.

We made it our mission to make the cold chain more transparent and cost-effective, and our pricing reflects that.

That’s why Tag Tap and Tag Portal are both free to download and use, with no subscription or handling fees.

Choose from our Standard Tag, available with our logo and layout in green or white, or our Customized Tag, which is customizable with your own logo

  • 01

    Standard Tag T1

    Minimum order quantity
    No minimum order quantity
    Single use included. Optional reuse additional
    Tag Tap
    Free to download from the App Store or Google Play
  • 02

    Customised Tag T1

    Minimum order quantity (customized) / per single order
    1000 units
    Single use included. Optional reuse additional
  • 03


    #1 Demo Kit (R1 RFID Reader + 50 Tags + Tag Tap + Tag Portal + free shipping)
    #2 Demo Kit (15 Tags + Tag Tap + Tag Portal + free shipping)
  • 04

    Supporting hardware

    R1 RFID Reader only

See Tag in action

Standardizing the supply chain

We’re making things simpler with a standardized temperature monitoring solution that works across the whole cold chain journey.
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Easy truck tracking

Trucks that transport temperature-sensitive goods can be difficult to validate. We knew there had to be a simpler way to track their temperature data.
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Reusable temperature loggers

We wanted to create a reusable temperature logger to help cut complexity for closed loop distribution.
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Single-use temperature logging

Single-use temperature loggers can be tricky to deal with. So we came up with a simple solution to make the whole process more straightforward.
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Multi-vehicle tracking

Journeys that include multiple modes of transport can be a real problem for temperature monitoring. So we came up with a more flexible, robust solution that can span your full supply chain.
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