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The Tag

This is the Tag – it’s the center of our entire temperature monitoring solution.

Radically simple design

The Tag is a sticker. Yes, really.

It’s a simple, readable, stick-on sensor tag that collects temperature information from your supply chain and effortlessly uploads it to the cloud via the Tag Tap mobile app or RFID reader. 

The Tag cost for one journey is just €5. The Tag is mainly designed for single use. However, it’s possible to reuse the Tag up to 5 times for specific types of supply chain, e.g. closed loop; each additional journey costs €1. 

The Tag logs the temperature of your cargo throughout its journey, regardless of carrier or transport method. 

It couldn’t be easier to get the Tag started; simply download our free app Tag Tap and register to get your goods on their way. 

  • Temperature range +50°C to -10°C (accuracy of ±0.5 ̊C)
  • Temperature range -30°C to -10°C (accuracy of ±1 ̊C)
  • Airfreight safe, 1.5V battery
  • Logging interval from 1 min to 18 hours
  • Chip storage up to 4,864 data points logged
  • Customizable with your own logo

Fuss-free printing

Tag Print is our easy-to-use and set up printer. It’s all operated from the cloud, with no local software installations needed.

You can use Tag Print to print relevant information (like your logo) onto your Tag and configure it with temperature limits and logging frequency.

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Holistic help

Our products were not designed in isolation. Quite the opposite in fact – they work as one to solve your cold chain management challenges.

This is the Tag mobile app.

Tag Tap is our free smartphone app. It starts and reads the Tag and uploads all your data to the cloud.
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This is the Tag data portal.

Tag Portal is our free, cloud-based platform. Every reading from Tag Tap, Tag Gate and Tag Read is instantly uploaded to the Tag Portal.
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This is the Tag reader.

Tag Read is a rugged handheld Android-based UHF RFID reader, designed for long-distance reading up to 7 meters.
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See Tag in action

Single-use temperature logging

Single-use temperature loggers can be tricky to deal with. So we came up with a simple solution to make the whole process more straightforward.
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