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Use cases

Multi-vehicle tracking

Journeys that include multiple modes of transport can be a real problem for temperature monitoring. So we came up with a more flexible, robust solution that can span your full supply chain.

The problem

Transporting goods over a long distance often requires multiple modes of transport. This is a huge problem when it comes to monitoring the temperature of your goods, as not all temperature loggers are air freight safe. 

As a result, some goods will require lots of different kinds of loggers to track their temperature across the whole journey. This means added cost and management for suppliers, distributors and transporters.

Our solution

The Tag’s simple sticker format means it easily sticks to different kinds of packaging. The Tag doesn’t contain lithium batteries, so it can be used for all types of freight transport. 

This way, it’s no longer necessary to swap different kinds of loggers at different points of the journey, saving you time and money.

Products in this use case

The Tag

The Tag is our simple, scannable temperature monitoring sticker.

Holistic help

Our products were not designed in isolation.
Quite the opposite in fact – they work as one to solve your cold chain management challenges.

See Tag in action

Easy truck tracking

Trucks that transport temperature-sensitive goods can be difficult to validate. We knew there had to be a simpler way to track their temperature data.
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