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Use cases

Single-use temperature logging

Single-use temperature loggers can be tricky to deal with. So we came up with a simple solution to make the whole process more straightforward.

The problem

Returning single-use temperature loggers from their destination facility back to the supplier can be costly and time consuming. Plus, there’s always a risk that your loggers could be lost or damaged en route.

Our solution

With the Tag, you pay a one time fee of €5 for single usage. It’s easy to remove the Tag from any surface thanks to its simple sticker form, saving you time and stress. 

Tags must be recycled or disposed of as electronic waste, following national regulations in the country you plan to use them. After that, there’s nothing else you need to do. 

Products in this use case

The Tag

The Tag is our simple, scannable temperature monitoring sticker.

Holistic help

Our products were not designed in isolation.
Quite the opposite in fact – they work as one to solve your cold chain management challenges.

See Tag in action

Standardizing the supply chain

We’re making things simpler with a standardized temperature monitoring solution that works across the whole cold chain journey.
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