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Use cases

Standardizing the supply chain

We’re making things simpler with a standardized temperature monitoring solution that works across the whole cold chain journey.

The problem

Suppliers, producers and transporters are facing a common problem: the lack of a standardized way to track temperature makes it harder to feel confident about the quality of what you’re choosing. 

Having lots of options can lead to more confusion about which is the best solution to choose. After all, you don’t want to risk not receiving the relevant, reliable data to make absolutely sure that your goods are safe.

Our solution

Our end-to-end solution standardizes the temperature monitoring process across the whole supply chain, securing the safety and quality of your goods for your customers. 

With our simple, effective system, you get greater visibility and control over the temperature and location of your goods throughout the entire shipment journey.

Products in this use case

The Tag, Tag Tap, Tag Read and Tag Portal

Using the free-to-download Tag Tap app, the person who receives your goods just needs a few seconds to scan data from Tag, and then your data automatically uploads to the Tag Portal.

Holistic help

Our products were not designed in isolation.
Quite the opposite in fact – they work as one to solve your cold chain management challenges.

See Tag in action

Easy truck tracking

Trucks that transport temperature-sensitive goods can be difficult to validate. We knew there had to be a simpler way to track their temperature data.
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